Writing Portfolio

Here are the spaces you can find my writing on the web. I’ve organized my writing into three categories:

  • Travel Guides
  • Food/Drink Publications
  • Mental Health/Lifestyle

Travel Publications

Traveling is one of my greatest joys, and I love documenting my adventures.

Who says you can’t travel on a budget? Read my savvy tips for saving money on an island vacation in Mexico’s Marvels: A Budget-Friendly Guide to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. I’ve also written a guide to inexpensive lodging in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

If Europe is more your style, check out The Perfect Itinerary for a Long Weekend in Budapest. Looking for a place to stay? I’ve got insider tips on affordable Airbnbs in Slovenia.

If you wind up in the Midwest for a weekend, I’ve written about some hip things to do in Springfield, Missouri. (Think brunch, yoga, and a trip to the farmer’s market.)

Last but not least, I’ve written about how to manage chronic digestive issues while traveling. If you suffer, too, these tips might come in handy on your next trip.

Food/Drink Publications

As a contributor for Feast Magazine, I’ve written about the delicious burgers at Rich’s Famous Burgers in Steelville and the health-conscious baked goods from MadHouse Bakes.

Mental Health/Lifestyle

Interested in learning how to craft a healing community or launch your own book club? Head over to the More Love Letters diary to see more. At Milk and Honey magazine, I’ve written about beating the winter blues.

If you’re interested in the intersection between faith and mental health,  I’ve also written about finding God’s presence in the midst of depression.